Sitting disease is the category of invisible impairments.

 Prolonged sitting significantly increases your risk of dying – 4th leading factory of mortality from cardiovascular decay, muscular disorders, colon cancer as well as obesity and diabetes. It also causes low productivity by stress-out and thinning in the brain‘s medial temporal lobe and the result is poorer episodic memory — the kind which brings to mind events in one’s past, study suggested.

 If you plan to combat the time you log in front of a desk with a sweaty cycling session or gym fitness class, think again. It does all sound dramatic and unrealistic. We have to admit that everyone needs to sit throughout the day, right? 

1. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently declared “sitting is the new cancer.” citing many doctors’ outcomes.

2. Based on his 25 years research writes  Dr. James Levine, director of the Mayo Clinic-Arizona State University Obesity Solutions Initiative “We lose two hours of life for every hour we sit”

3. CNN reported, “Take a movement break every 30 minutes, say experts. No matter how much you exercise, sitting for long periods of time over 30 mins inactively is a risk factor for early death, a new study based on nearly 8,000 adults for 7 years.