You don’t need to sacrifice comfort for activity. SWINGSIT is designed for ergonomic productivity providing all the comfort amenities of a luxury office chair with all the benefits of an active sitting chair. 

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Are you looking for an alternative to your traditional office chair causing sitting disease? 

Option 1.

 Then what can be done? Recently Standing desks have come out as one option, and there are plenty choices. 

Disadvantages of Standing Desk

 However, “standing inactively even one hour costs a lot of pain.” American Journal of Epidemiology recently stated that heart attack rates were twice as high for people at standing desks compared to a control group in stationery chair.  

 In addition “inactivity – major cause for health detriments  still remains standing” while standing still.

Option 2.

Then luckily there’s better option: Active-Sitting-Chair.

 Active-sitting-chairs aims for a graded range of movement that activates and strengthens muscles, balances joint loads, and improves blood circulation more than you would in a normal desk chair.

Disadvantages of OLD Active-Sitting-Chairs

 However, in reality OLD Active-Sitting-Chairs(ASC) do not get much following. Shift from traditional desk chair to ASC(Active Sitting Chair) seems slow.


 Despite the movement the OLD active-sitting-chairs inspire, people say “ASC is great for leaning and moving but not for sitting on. It is more like exercise equipment.

  •  Old Active-Sitting-Chairs 

 Of all the options SWINGSIT is the most sensible active-sitting-chair in terms of users’ benefits  with its new technology – Effecore TM

  •  SWINGSIT (Effecore Technology)
  •   Comparison  between SWINGSIT and Old active-sitting-chairs