Effecore® technology-self-balancing Moveable seat technology-lies at the core of the ‘Dual Inverted Pendulum’ swing engine for naturally and constantly stimulated core body for loss of weight and flexibility of muscles and joints, and better mood.

At the core of the concept lies Effecore®, mechanics that follow the natural movement of core body-our pelvis, hips and knee joints.

Our new range of chairs stands for the latest milestones of active chair development. Effecore® technology- self-balancing Moveable seat technology maintains its centre of gravity at the position of the pivotal point-no matter what posture it adopts or how it moves.

Biomechanics of Swingsitting naturally maintains your upper body straightened up at the center of chair without any interference with balance required for concentration on work unlike previous active active sitting chairs, which causes poor balance of upper body and uncoordinated causing lack of concentration while seated at motion.

To provide a natural concept of motion that always allows the core of body to keep active with allowing the upper-body to keep its centre of gravity free from any interference.

Minimal movements on Swingsit are already translated into benefits of body and mind.

Backache is effectively prevented and the metabolism, muscles and joints are kept stimulated. Then scientific studies have proved that Swingsit’s motion significantly enhances the feeling of well-being and powers of concentration in office environments.