“Are you sitting with an enemy – Your stationary Chair?”

“Are you Combating with a poor alternative – Your standing desk?”


 Have you ever stopped and thought about 

1. how many hours you spend sitting down daily? and 

2. how harmful ‘prolonged Sitting or Standing inactively’ may be ?



1. 12 HOURS is the amount of time the average person is sitting (aka sedentary) a day and over 80% of the workforce and schoolers are invaded by this sedentary life causing ‘Sitting Disease’ according to recent research.  

2. What is worse, recent studies reveals that ‘inactively long Standing ‘ can have its risks such as actual increase of bodily pain and slow-down of mental functioning. American Journal of Epidemiology recently stated that heart attack rates were twice as high for people at standing desks compared to a control group in stationery chair. 

 So in conclusion  Sitting or Standing inactively takes both a physical and emotional toll. 

 Studies show that Exercise doesn’t reverse the harm of excessive inactivity. 

  What about exercise? When sedentary, you burn only about a calorie a minute, and only 8 calorie  while standing inactively. No significant difference. Being overweight or obese is a known risk factor for many common chronic diseases . 

Nevertheless it is clear that avoiding a sit-down(inactivity) is difficult for many workers and students, as the daily work tasks have turned impossible to reverse or transform. 

 To make matters worse,  even if you practice the habit of exercising regularly, an hour of exercise per day cannot save you from the stationary positions you have the other 23 hours during the day. 

 Movement is free with SWINGSIT ~! 

 However, there are methods that can be put to practice to actually help your body better itself. Sit less ! Do not stand inactively ! Actively move much more during on seat. If you simply move your body on SWINGSIT, positive things start to happen !!   

At Home

In Office (workers)