1) It allows for simultaneous dual task(Work and Workout for better productivity).

2) Continuity of usage ( Able to keep your core effectively active with effortless power)

3) Privacy protection from ‘critical eyes’(free from prying eyes) while movement on this next generation active-sitting-chair.

 This is not something I would call budget friendly. However, you’re investing in your health and a product that works.



1) The reviews are positive, with users loving how the SWINGSIT helps them keep their core and waistline active while sitting “almost effortlessly.” 

2) Another reviewer found it to be a good remedy to their back pain.

3) Reviewers also appreciate calorie burn during Swingsitting.

  Sitting on SWINGSIT can help substantially to counter-effect the ill consequences of an obsessive sitting conduct.


If you are a long-sitter or standing-desk user and find a way to be more active while tethered to your desk, I found the SWINGSIT to be the winning option that truly works.